Social Media in Asia: Listen to the Webcast On-Demand


Courtesy of Social Media Today.

Social Media Today‘s latest webcast was our first exploration into the vast topic of social media in Asia, focusing particularly on China, India, Japan, Indonesia, and Korea. Users there comprise a massive online population, and no surprise, they’re adopting and interacting in online social environments at incredible rates. The social media landscape in Asia shares some characteristics with that of the online world defined by U.S. and Western users, but in many ways Asian networks and their users form and behave differently.

Like others in the social media world, we’re very curious about the business opportunities in social media in Asia, which new ones may be on the way, and how business can learn about and engage with these large audiences through social media.

We asked Thomas Crampton, Asia-Pacific Director of Digital Influence, Ogilvy, and Peter Auditore, Head of Business Influencer Group, SAP, to bring us up to speed on the state of social media in Asia from a business perspective.

The discussion centered around the following issues, as well as a host of other questions brought up by the online audience:

  • Who are the social media influencers in Asian communities?
  • How important is search in Asia as opposed to the West?
  • What challenges are presented by language barriers, and how can these be managed?
  • What are the major trends in the most influential nations?
  • How have bans in China affected the social media landscape? Which are the most important networks now?
  • Is social media playing a role in internal enterprise communications? How does adoption vary in Asia vs. the West?
  • Are there any emerging business models leveraging social media in Asia? Successful case studies?

Listen to the podcast (or download):


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